Arkansas, USA


Arkansas is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the United States for travelers that most attracted by the pure nature and all she offers. This state is also knows as the Natural State. With the longer spring and and fall season, it is probably the place that offer the best life conditions for people that don’t really like the hot summer and cold winter. Arkansas is known by the mild season and that is the reason for having the best natural places. This tourist destination is  one of mid-America’s most beautiful travel destinations. It has 119 sunny days with temperature that do not go over 80°F in July and less than 40-45°F in January. It is probably a great place to live in if you like the nature and the perfect life condition.
Arkansas, USAArkansas, USAWinter in Arkansas is incredible. There is nothing like the winter there. The feeling while you are driving the highway and admiring the views is unbeatable. You can always go camping in some of their 52 state parks and warm up to a roaring fire. There are perfect conditions for hunting, golfing, hiking, floating adventures, you can also enjoy the fishing and boating. Being there during the winter is simply an unforgettable experience. You shouldn’t miss, so if you plan to go there, make sure it is during the winter. The tourist attractions in Arkansas are so many.Arkansas, USAArkansas, USAThe water surface in Arkansas is huge. This state has a great network of rivers. One of the most attractive rivers in USA is Buffalo. This river looks like it is in some other planet. The best of all is that this river has not been damaged from the modern civilization and because of that it is designated as a national river and it is protected by the National Park Service. This and many other reasons make the Buffalo one of the most scenic rivers in the USA.Arkansas, USAArkansas, USASome of the other tourist attractions in Arkansas are the great museums, nice restaurants, theaters and shops, where among all the usual things, you can buy very interesting souvenirs that will remind you of the great time you have spent in this amazing state, and you will have a great time because this is the Natural State, the place that offer something for everyone. Don’t worry about the accommodation, there are lots of modern and historic hotels, rustic campsites or comfortable cozy cabins.Arkansas, USAArkansas Map  Favorite Places

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