Luxor, Egypt


Luxor is a large historic site in Egypt. It is popularly known as the largest museum in this world with many monuments and museums that show case much of the ancient Egyptian culture. Luxor has served as a tourist destination for many centuries from a thousand years ago when many nations like the Romans often visited this majestic site to be impressed by its unending beauty, unbeatable creativity of its Egyptian nationals and the splendid hospitality. Luxor is possibly the oldest tourism destination in the world and can be viewed as one of the first toured destination hence a pioneer of the tourism sector.Luxor, EgyptLuxor can be found at the greatest river in the eastern side of Africa, the River Nile. This river has been a major economic back bone of Egypt’s economy. Luxor museum is composed of three separate sectors: Luxor city that is east of River Nile, Karnak town north of Luxor and Thebes or the ancient Waset center located west of the River Nile.Luxor, EgyptVisiting Luxor will help you learn about the complex history of the Egyptians in just the short period of touring the historic site. Here you will find several tombs; Egyptian temples and many museums to show case a wide collection of ancient Egyptian creativity.

Luxor, Egypt

The town of Thebes is a historic region within Luxor that is in form of preserved remains of the ancient town itself. Luxor and Karnak Temples continue to stand still for more than a thousand years in this same region. The River Nile is an amazing sight of a huge navigable river, which is the reason why Egypt is always depend on the non-stop supply of this great river whose source is Lake Victoria shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania of East Africa. Other famous temples are the Theban Necropolis, Esna, Dendara, Abydos and Edfu Temples.Luxor, EgyptLuxor, EgyptThere are many activities in Luxor. Tours around Luxor region are interesting because it is a process of better understanding of the Egyptian culture. The cruise along River Nile gives a beautiful, wide view of the Luxor region a few kilometers before reaching the region. Here you can catch some fish for camp dinner. The Tourist Souk market provides all kinds of goods like clothes, Egyptian food stuff and artistic souvenirs that can be useful in decorating your home.Luxor, EgyptAccommodation facilities are plentiful with many hotels, villas and lodges to spend a night in this ancient city. Some hotels offer varieties of spa treatments to cool off the intense hot weather effects from your body and make you feel relaxed. The hotels, lodges and villas are highly modernized with high quality facilities and professional hospitality services. The cuisine offered in the restaurants and exotic hotels present the rich, tasty and delicious Egyptian culture worth to pay for and try out. There are club spots to enjoy partying with your loved ones for as long as you can till dawn when you can retire to bed awaiting much of the interesting adventure in ancient Luxor city.Luxor, Egypt

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