Redang Island, Malaysia


Redang Island is one of the treasured tourist destinations in Malaysia that lies at the eastern coastal waters of Malaysia. Redang Island is a member of the Pulau Redang Marine Park Islands. It is the largest islands of the group; hence the group is named after the island. Redang Island offers varieties of attractions to its visitors and spectacular hospitality to enable tourists feel comfortable while enjoying their leisure in this island.Redang Island, MalaysiaRedang Island, MalaysiaRedang Island can be accessed by ferry transport from the Terengganu’s ports. The other alternative way is by airplane from the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur to Redang Island’s airline known as Berjaya Airport located at the southern part of the island. Redang Island, Malaysia Redang Island, MalaysiaThe Taman Negara National Park is an interesting jungle that archeologists have claimed that it has survived its status as a jungle for more than a hundred million years ago. It is an amazing place and it unfolds the kind of environment in which the dinosaurs used to live. Hiking takes place on this famous jungle which enables hikers to come across indigenous plant species thriving in it. The highest mountain in Malaysia, known as Gunung Tahan can be found in Redang Island and is a remarkable natural volcanic feature in the island. The great rivers in the island provide scenic spots for white water rafting and fishing. Redang Island, MalaysiaAnother famous historical landmark is Penang Snake Temple. This structure was built in the mid nineteenth century. It was used to house snakes of the Taman Negara jungle. The snakes were harmless since their venom was totally excreted from their body systems before they were admitted in this temple. The snakes were used to guard the temple while it was being erected. Redang Island, Malaysia Redang Island, MalaysiaRedang Island acts as a nature reserve for a wide variety of plant and wild animal species waiting to be seen by its visitors. Some of the famous animals in the island are the largest lizard well known as the Komodo Lizards that are the rarest species that has been proved to live on earth for millions of years. Their low lying large dinosaur-like body structure has made Redang Island keep visiting this island to picture this living indigenous species. Redang Island, Malaysia Redang Island, MalaysiaThe highest point of Redang Island is the Bukit Besar volcanic peak which is close to four hundred meters above sea level. This is a great attractions for tourists in Redang Island. If you visit this paradise destination, make sure you check out Bukit Besar.Redang Island, Malaysia Redang Island, MalaysiaRedang Island has extensive white sandy beaches along its coastline. The South China Sea surrounding this island provides ideal spots for diving, sailing, and surfing especially during the summer season. There are snorkeling sites where tourists can dive into the aquatic world of the sea and meet the colorful varieties of marine species within the sea. Redang Island, MalaysiaRedang Island, MalaysiaRedang Island offers a variety of accommodation options to its tourists. At the beach there are exotic villas and beach resorts with plenty of apartments to accommodate tourists in the island. The cuisine offered is richly delicious and speak of the lovely taste of the Malaysian culture of cooking. The night life is vibrant with many operating clubs to enjoy dancing all night long. 

Redang Island, Malaysia
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